Welcome to “A new career for people 55 plus – Part One. As older age approaches, times can be challenging for many reasons. One of the challenges is often a need for a new career, or a new source of income.

Enjoy Part One, of the three-part series.

Seniors today are coming out of retirement with energy and excitement for a possible new career. It’s exciting knowing they have the skills and methods to develop their own businesses to help supplement the gross inadequacy of retirement savings or pensions.

For many seniors, retirement is a time of regret and disappointment:

  • Disappointment because they didn’t plan better for their retirement years. and
  • Regret that they have to get at least a part time job to make ends meet.

Embarking on a second career for seniors is not as daunting as it may seem. With the power of the Internet, seniors can learn new skills and build an Internet business to supplement their incomes, and also keep their minds sharp.

Benefits of Coming Out of Retirement as an Entrepreneur.

Many seniors realise what they’ve saved for retirement years isn’t enough to support them, or provide necessities – much less the luxuries they’d like to enjoy.

Many seniors are building online businesses well before the retirement party. One of the benefits of building a part time business in your spare time before you retire is that you’ll already have an income, and it can increase as your business grows.

Plus – having a second career to pursue after retirement keeps your mind sharp and you won’t get bored if you’re committed to your business pursuits. However, this time you can set your own hours and only answer to yourself as the boss.

Starting an online business before retirement day comes is the best way to enjoy your business, and reap the benefits before you need them to kick in.

You’ll get to know how far the skills (or hobbies) you already have will take you in your business endeavours, and just what will be required to grow the business when you finally have more hours in the day.

Beginning a new business on the ‘net may not be for all seniors. It may take developing a completely different mindset and lots of patience to succeed. A realistic way to look at beginning any new business — it will take six months to a year to know if you’re going to succeed.

Most seniors find the idea of creating an online business plan highly preferable to searching for a new job after retirement. You enjoy a flexibility that just can’t be found in any other part time or full-time job.

When you consider that most in the baby boomer generation will not have a pension they can rely on, or have enough money saved for a long retirement, the outlook can be bleak except for the possibilities of making money and beginning a new career after retirement age.

The Internet has made it possible to redefine the retirement years for seniors. No matter how old you are, you can learn what it takes to become an online entrepreneur and use it to build a business even before retirement.

You should rethink the concept of retirement and learn how you can benefit from starting an online business – even before you retire.