Welcome to this series on Success. I hope you find the readings thought provoking and inspiring. Please enjoy.

1) Stay Healthy

As much as you can, do your best to stay healthy. There’s no point in over-working yourself to achieve your goals, only to find out that you’re in the worse state of health. Maintaining good levels of physical, mental, and spiritual health is also key to not burning out while pursuing your life’s desires. It’s better to pause and relax, than to have to suddenly stop forever.

2) Think More

Think of the solutions you want, instead of the problems you have. The reason why people end up failing over and over, is because they keep repeating similar mistakes to the past. They don’t leverage on their strengths and the environment around. Persistence is good, but you need to couple that with working smart. Just observe the most successful systems today, they all require minimal labour and action from their creators. Uber does not have any of its own vehicles. Alibaba.com has no inventory. Facebook creates no content. Airbnb owns no real estate.

Think hard. Think of systems that create a way to put your situation to your advantage. Think more, work less. Let your well-thought system work for you to achieve your own personal goals.

3) Find Your Way

In this world, many people will try to make you follow them. But doesn’t this mean you will always be lacking behind?

I urge you to find your own way. Draw inspiration from others, but find your own way. Everyone has a different path in life, different dreams and aspirations. You are special. The proof is deep within you, in your DNA. Scientific evidence that you are different from everyone else. Do what you think is best, and don’t let the naysayers belittle you. After all, only you can know what you truly want. Your destiny is yours to achieve.

4) One Positivity at A Time

When drafting out our goals, it does tend to get overwhelming. This feeling is what stops people from going for their dreams. They see a mountain, and all they think about is reaching the peak. There are millions of amazing views along the way, and take it a step at a time. Decide where you want to be in 5 years, maybe 10; and then bring it back down to what you can do today, and every other day to slowly inch towards it.

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