Welcome to this series on Self-Healing. I hope you find the readings thought-provoking and inspiring. Please enjoy.

In life, we often want to ‘escape’ from difficulties and hard times. For example, when the marriage broke down, a loved one dies, you lose a job, you may be facing financial challenges, or depression hits you.

What do we do when our world hit rock bottom?

When things are falling apart is the best time to transform and reinvent your life.

When you can use your gifts to navigate difficult times, you not only live a fulfilled life but also strengthens your personal growth.

So how do you transform your life through setbacks?

Here are four ways:

1) Change your mindset

We need a resilient mindset. In our struggles, we learn about ourselves and the people around us. We reflect on what we want from life, and what it takes to get us there. Most of us know that we need to stay positive but it’s easy to lose that drive when life disappoints us. We must commit to focusing on getting better one day at a time.

2) Find strength beyond self

Different people respond to life’s challenges differently. For me, when things get to their most difficult, there is only one place for me to turn—and that is to God. Sometimes life is filled with challenges that stretch us so far that we begin to doubt ourselves. You may find yourself struggling to make sense of your thoughts, your emotions, and your feelings. Times like these require more than human strength. In bleak moments, I encourage you, to bring your struggle to God.

He will guide you and bring you comfort through the pain. You will discover new strengths and a better life. And if you reach out to Him, He will show you blessings exceedingly, above and beyond what you can think of.

3) Focus on what you can control

Some situations are beyond our control and no matter what we do, we cannot change a thing. We must avoid setting ourselves up for frustration if we were to focus our time and energy on things we cannot control. By focusing on the negatives, we are making the situation seem even bleaker.

Instead, focus on the things that are within our control because that is the only way we can make a change that is actually going to help. For example, make a list of everything we can control about the situation and direct all your energy towards those things.

4) Find the lessons in the hard times

I believe that when you start looking for the lessons, you set yourself on a path for personal growth.

When I am caught in a bad situation, I like to reflect and see what went wrong and what I could have done differently. I will always find some lessons that helped in my growth and often I get some sense of clarity about what I need to do to improve the situation. If I find myself in a similar situation, I know what to do to minimize the difficulty of the situation.

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