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My eBook tutorials make it easy to learn the fundamentals of computing systems, both hardware and software, and to improve your knowledge by preparing for educational unit standards exams in the easiest possible ways. Learning about computers is now simpler then ever before.


What We Provide


Learn at your own speed

My tutorials are designed so that you can learn at your own speed. Everyone has different learning speeds, and my eBooks (and videos) will give you the ideal opportunity to educate yourself at your own learning speed. Push yourself as fast as you like.

Business Courses

This section includes six “Accelerated Business Growth” modules that are conducted in an environment to allow and promote creativity and you also have the opportunity of one on one coaching to assist with the development and implementation of the plan.

Support for Seniors

A country’s most valuable asset is it’s people. Who are the most valuable people? The seniors. Seniors have:

  • Knowledge
  • Organizing skills
  • Planning Skills
  • Experience.

Network Design

Lessons and tutorials to get you started in the world of computer networks, the backbone of the Internet.

Cloud Computing

This is how modern computing infrastructures work, but you need to know the concepts to start to expand your knowledge into this fascinating world.

Online Security

We are continually hearing about Nigerian scams, phishing, and the ever growing cyber threats. A lot of this is just common sense, so let me help.


My Latest Articles

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Learn Microsoft Office with Nick’s Easy Step by Step Tutorials

More than a decade ago now, Microsoft Office 2007 introduced some wide-ranging changes to the way we used the Office Suite of products. For many of us it took some getting used to, after feeling we had mastered earlier versions. The good news is that not a lot has changed, so once you have learnt the base Microsoft system 2010, 2013, 2016 & newer versions are a breeze.


What People Are Saying

“I bought the MCP Preparation e-book to help study for my Certified Professional exams and found it really easy to follow.      Well it must have been, because I passed with a really good mark … today I run a hospital network!”

Paddy Tollan


My association with Nick goes back over two decades, but the biggest impact Nick had on my life was helping to teach me the learning process again  … something that led to a change of jobs where today I continue to run a web design business while also now CEO of two large sporting organisations, all requiring continued education and learning. Thanks Nick

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