Training & Education

Both are hugely important to performance.
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I have been involved in training and education for a long time. I hope I have the solutions to your needs.

I know that training and education are hugely important to performance. A person who has the necessary training is able to do their job better. Training also builds more confidence and stronger understanding.

 Training and Education Titles – some descriptions.

Introduction to Learning Styles       Free
All of us are different people. Therefore we have different styles of learning. If you can identify your Learning Style, it will help you a lot.

Effective Study Skills       $2
Studying really is an art, and to get your best return on investment (you are investing blood, sweat and tears, among other things) it is very helpful to know how to study.
This E-Book has some very useful ideas for studying. It worked for the author as he collected 3 degrees. 4 Diplomas and numerous International Certifications.

Assessment, Test Preparation and Exam Techniques       $2
Test and exam time is a time many of us do not like at all. This E-Book contains many useful thoughts and ideas – ideas that really do work.

Six Stages of a Study Plan        $2
When we take on a course of study, we are really embarking on a journey. In order for this journey to be successful, we need a good plan. Follow this useful plan, or adapt it to suit your needs. Worth having.