Business Studies


A lovely little E-Book by Ian Dilworth. Gives you just that — Accounting in a Nutshell.

Faster Business Growth Program (7 modules) $5 per module or $25 for 7 modules.

This program provides a structured approach to developing a business plan and training to up skill business owners based on proven material that can be implemented into the business immediately. This training will promote creativity and help develop and implement a creative business plan.

This E-Course consists of 7 modules which can be purchased for $5 each, or $25 for all 7. These modules are:

  1. Business Planning
  2. Sales and Marketing.
  3. Business Teams.
  4. Business Systems.
  5. Finance.
  6. Develop and Grow your Business.
  7. How ICT Technology can improve your Business.

This program aims to raise business vision well beyond previous ‘comfort zones’ while creating a practical business plan and enhanced business skills, and to produce a direct increase in turnover, staffing and most importantly, profit.

Business Communication for Technical people  $5

This E-Book provides an understanding of how the communication process is applied in the technical workplace. Basic communication skills are discussed, as well as Reading, Researching, Reporting and Technical Writing.
A very good read and well worth keeping for periodic reference.

Interpersonal Skills for Technologists $5

This E-Book teaches Technologists about how to communicate well in the workplace. It includes interpersonal communication skills in appropriate cultural contexts.

A great little E-Book in an area that technologists often struggle with.

Setting up an Internet Business $5

Welcome to the exciting and growing world of Internet Business. There are many things to learn, and some of these can be overwhelming. After you have read this E-Book, you will be better prepared, and more confident to apply your business thoughts via the medium of the Internet.

A highly recommended E-Book. Get Guide to Internet Marketing as a free bonus if you purchase this E-Book.

Guide to Internet Marketing. Free

This E-Book focuses on Internet Marketing, and it explains a lot. If you are serious about setting up an Internet based business, you should read this E-Book.