Pathways to Success

This includes:

  • The excellent Pathways series by Geoffrey Moss @ $10 per E-Book.
  • The Tales of Triumph series, which is a series of encouraging tales, generally based on a famous person and a good theme.

Pathways to Success    by Geoffrey Moss       $10

Why do some people have success, and others fail? Why do some of the brightest scholars not succeed in life? Why do some who fail miserably at school, go on to lead very successful lives? Why do many children of wealthy parents lack the motivation to succeed?

There are no road maps for a successful career (sorry), but there are guidelines from people who have achieved a successful life. This book is a distillation of many of their ideas.

An inspiring E-Book which will get you analysing life.

Pathways for New Managers    by Geoffrey Moss     $10

This E-Book is a “must have” for any new or aspiting manager. Opinions about What makes a good manager vary, and to learn some of these skills is quite daunting. How do you handle this changing world and changing work place.

Obtain some really good ideas from this E-Book.

Pathways for Career Change     By Geoffrey Moss      $10

The computer and modern telecommunications have decimated the work force. Yet the work revolution has just begun—things will never be the same again. Don’t try living in the past. You have no choice but to accept change and join the revolution.

Successful people will be:

  • The flexible ones who have a broad-based education.
  • Those who are brave enough to change direction often.
  • Those who know how to get things done in the new work environment.

Does this apply to you? This book tells you how you can meet the challenge.

Business Pathways.      by Geoffrey Moss      $10

Running a business is not easy. There are many things to think about, and many parameters will change very quickly. This E-Book is an excellent handbook, covering things such as:
• Structuring
• Growth.
• Controlling costs.
• Improving staff performance.
• Build winning teams.
• Getting things achieved.
• Managing a crisis.
• Getting your ideas across.
• Reducing stress.
• Revitalising yourself.
Read this E-Book many times. You will benefit greatly

Tales of Triumph series

Robert the Bruce — persistence.     $1

This Tale of Triumph takes us to the early days of King Robert the First of Scotland, before he was king. He had many challenges to overcome, and he wasn’t always successful first time.
He did have a great secret though. Read about it, and enjoy the tale.

Roger Bannister — overcoming self limiting beliefs     $1

Many of us are restricted by self limiting beliefs. These beliefs are imposed on us in many ways, by our parents, our school teachers and by society and other factors.
Bannister overcame a very big self limiting belief – it was considered impossible for a man to run a mile in less than 4 minutes. Bannister, however, worked out a plan to achieve this feat.
Enjoy this wonderful Tale of Triumph and the workbook that comes with it.

Sir Isaac Newton — don’t be influenced by preconceived ideas     $1

What made Sir Isaac Newton arguably the greatest scientist of all time? Some would say he was not a brilliant scholar. Perhaps he was shaped by events in his life – but above all, he wasn’t conformed to the thinking of the day.
Newton made some tremendous steps forward for mankind and science. Enjoy his wonderful Tale of Triumph and the workbook that comes with it.

The elephant rope — are limiting beliefs holding you back?     Free

We are often restricted in life by our thoughts. It is called conditioning, and many things that we think are not possible are possible. Just like the elephant rope.

Self Belief – Muhammad Ali            $1

Often in life we fail to achieve what we would like to achieve, because we lack self belief. Muhammad Ali was an outstanding example of someone who believed in himself. He left a legacy that said he was the greatest.
Be inspired by this Tale of Triumph.