Fiction is a class of literature that uses imaginative narration, especially in prose form. Here you will experience a lot of fiction based on fact.

For example, Tick the awesome cat really does exist. Also, a long time ago, I really did grow up with Greasy.

Animal Stories.

Tikitiki the awesome cat.

Join Tikitiki as he accidently ends up in the charming township of Tikitiki, on the East Coast of the North Island of New Zealand. I hope you will want to visit Tikitiki yourself, or at least give Tikitiki a stroke.
Enjoy the read

Tikitiki travels to Te Puia Springs.

Part Two in the intrepid travels of Tikitiki, our awesome feline friend. Tikitiki takes in the view of the sacred Mt Hikurangi on his way to Te Puia springs.
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Rice and Crackers.

This bumbling duo seems to do things that no one else would contemplate. What makes them tick? Who knows — but enjoy their escapades.

Bob the Brylcream.

This paranoiac Security Officer and former Policeman really stretches the limit sometimes. A thoroughly obnoxious person. Don’t let him put you off.

Tick and Nick.

The adventures and philosophies of these famous Tairawhiti felines.

Enjoy their thoughts and adventures.


A real country bumpkin of a character. A folk story legend.

Isaac and Martha.

Surely the most crazy and mad couple who ever lived. They get up to incredible things. Certain people know how to irritate them with “little things”. Very amusing.

Growing up with Greasy

As you are growing up, you meet and interact with some interesting characters. People who are unusual and stand out in a crowd. Greasy was certainly a character who stood out.

Doctor Hook.

We all remember our school days for various reasons. Dr Hook was a very extreme character. Set in semi rural New Zealand in the 1950s, Dr Hook was a very colourful character.

A legend of his time, and 50 years after.