By Nicholas

I need to carry on with Step 3 Implementation, because I still have work to do with:
• Setting up my Web site
• Setting up my Affiliates, which I need the Web site for.

Many thanks to Mark Medlicott of Medlicott Design Limited for helping me out.
I decided to register the domain name . It cost me $20.
I decided to purchase the Ultimate Hosting plan from . That cost $99 per annum. That’s $119 for hosting and domain registration. Mark charged me $200 for his services – very reasonable, because he also helped me with Netneeds and the Domain registration.

My startup costs were $319 — and I’m ready to do some Web Authoring. Reassuring.

I do advocate that you look at the free lessons found at

I must confess that Part Two on Planning had me struggling. I ended up with various things to do. These were:
1) File all of my present E-Books onto a USB drive. Make a list. Decide which ones need to be updated.
2) Study what I need to do to become an Online Trainer.
3) Learn how to create a Web Page.
4) Create a Draft Web Page — one that can be edited and updated.
5) Write copy on my Web Page
6) Learn article writing. Learn how to find contracts for writing articles.
7) Learn about blogging.

I have these 7 items pretty much underway. I confess — I feel overwhelmed. My head is spinning a bit, and some of what I have done was not new to me. The perks of being an older gent, n’est ce pas.

I must add an 8th item and a very important one:
8) Plan and implement an affiliate marketing strategy.

Well here is my affiliate marketing strategy:
• Study
• Create the web site using WordPress as my Web Authoring tool. Seek help from Mark Medlicott if I get stuck.
• Focus on finding products that might be useful for seniors – particularly older gents such as myself.
• Write some blogs about my personal experiences, particularly with the products I am keen to sell and recommend.

Gee I can recommend a lot of things. For example:
• Stimulating books.
• Holidays.
• Healthcare products.

This should be fun — so long as I don’t get too carried away. I can certainly push my own products, and one or two others.

Exciting. More fun in fact than some of the jobs I have had.

Affiliate marketing

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Nicholas (Nick Thorne) is the founder of NicksDigitalSolutions Limited a company that specialises in Education and Training; ICT Consultancy; Infopreneur; and Writing. He lives in Levin, New Zealand.