By Nicholas

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It’s time for Part Five — Maintenance. Here I will maintain the flow, and make updates and corrections, as needed. I will answer the questions:

1) Is my Laptop Lifestyle viable?
2) Does my laptop lifestyle work?

I learned some things while I was doing the Testing and Verification part (Part Four). These included:
A). Don’t rush, but make haste slowly. Yes, I was guilty of rushing and hoping for instant results.
B). Keep on researching. I am enjoying reading “Living a Laptop Lifestyle” by Greg and Fiona Scott. At first, I thought they were slow getting to the crunch points. In reality, they shared the experience of their journey, which can become my journey.
C). It is a good idea to obtain help when you need it. Mark Medlicott of Medlicott Design Limited was superb, and Mark Link from provided some good ideas.
D). I had some good material, such as E-Books, to start with. All of us have talent, and there is a lot of things we can turn our talents to.
E). It is okay to make mistakes, so long as you correct these mistakes and learn from them.

A huge part of this stage (Maintenance) is about correcting my mistakes and learning from them. Remember that the first part of “Triumph” is “Try”.

What have I actually achieved?
1) Created a web site (and you will see similar things here at
2) Added blogs.
3) Added E-Books for sale — we needed to set up a Shopping Cart for this.
4) Studied Article Writing.
5) Discussed with Mark Medlicott ways that I might use for Online Training and Webinars.
6) Studied Affiliate Marketing at Time to apply some of these good ideas.

I must listen to my own preaching too. In particular, KICAS. KICAS = Keep It Clear and Simple. I don’t want a huge E-Commerce site.

So what did I want? I wanted a way to live a life style where I can earn sufficient money to pay my fortnightly overheads, and not be dependent of the fickle whims of corporate employers.

I believed I could use my present skills, add a little bit of training and come up with a reasonable vocation. Not a job, but a bit of fun.

Have I achieved it? Not yet, but I am making progress. I needed help, and I will need more help.

Remember FOCUS means Follow One Course Until Successful. They are correct so long as my planning has been correct.

A publication worth looking at is “Setting up an Internet Business” which may be found at

I wonder what Barack Obama is going to do when he is no longer President of the USA. He might put together a Laptop Lifestyle for the Senior gent, with a little help from his friends.

Is this Barack Obama’s new career?

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Nicholas (Nick Thorne) is the founder of Nicks Digital Solutions Limited a company that specialises in Education and Training; ICT Consultancy; Infopreneur; and Writing. He lives in Levin, New Zealand.