Welcome to “A new career for people 55 plus – Part Two”. As older age approaches, times are challenging for many reasons. One of the challenges is often a need for a new career, or a new source of income.

Enjoy Part Two, of the three-part series.

Why More Seniors Are Launching an Online Business.

Supplementing a totally inadequate retirement income is a major concern for many who are retired or about to enter their retirement years. Another concern is keeping mentally and physically active during these years. Some are willing to just relax and do nothing. This can cause both mental and physical atrophy.

Launching an online business is very appealing to those who lack money for start-up costs, and who want to avoid the headaches and time involved in an offline business.

The cost of starting an online business after the computer and Internet connection are minimal. Seniors can turn a passion such as golfing or fishing into money-making blogs, websites and businesses offering products.

There’s no overhead such as advertising unless you want to invest in paid methods. When you know how to use the Internet for profit, you can advertise for free on social media and other sites.

Those who have developed useful skills are ahead of the retirement game. For example, if you’ve been a counsellor, you can begin a self-help site, teach an online course or write a book for Kindle.

There are many ways for seniors to begin new and exciting careers on the ‘net and make extra income to help pay for necessities or luxuries that retirement income doesn’t cover.

Many seniors are ready to kick back and enjoy leisure activities they’ve been unable to do during their working years. An Internet business allows you to set your own hours and devote as much, or as little, time as needed to build your business to the level you desire.

Online businesses are also very good for meeting new friends and socializing. Studies show that seniors who retire often miss the opportunity to interact with co-workers each day. An online business opens the door to global networks, letting you get to know people from all walks of life and all parts of the world.

An online business is low stress. Compare the thought of running a business from the comfort of your home to beginning your new career by purchasing and running a restaurant, for example.

When you enter your retirement years, the last thing you want to do is immerse yourself in a high-stress, high-investment type of business. With an online business, you can begin slowly, with very little overhead.

Thanks to the Internet, seniors can now supplement their retirement incomes by starting an online business that they can be proud of, and which will provide satisfaction for many years to come.

 What’s the Learning Curve for Senior Online Entrepreneurs?

Some seniors are lucky enough to have previously learned basic computer and Internet skills. Others are clueless about how to manoeuvre.

Many seniors shun computers and the Internet because they think it’s too difficult, and that they are too old to learn. Others think it’s exciting and are eager to join the trend. Learning to use a computer can be fun and even profitable for seniors, if they have the right attitude.

The learning curve for seniors getting to know computers and use the Internet varies according to the knowledge they already have. Luckily, there are classes available, both on and offline to help anyone learn from where they are at.

Online, step-by-step videos and written tutorials are available so that seniors can learn and progress at their own pace. When seniors are relatively comfortable with maneuvering around the ‘net, they may decide to start their own business to supplement retirement income, or simply provide them with luxuries they can no longer afford.

Running an online business may seem formidable if you’re not familiar with many technical aspects of the Internet. The good news is that many tasks can be outsourced, if you’re not ready to tackle them.

Computers and the Internet can provide many hours of fun and socializing. It brings the world into the living room and keeps people active, both mentally and socially, without ever having to leave their homes.

Unlimited support is also available. Seniors can easily stay in touch with friends and family through emails, Skype, Facebook and chatting, they usually warm to the idea of spending some time learning this incredible and fun opportunity.

Many seniors lack confidence to learn such an intimidating new skill, but, with the proper support, they usually begin to enjoy the process and want to learn more.

Some seniors have trouble learning the language of computers and the ‘net. There are so many technical terms which may be totally unfamiliar to them, but are part of most people’s everyday language.

Learning the definition of terms such as URL address or web browsing may seem like learning a new language. Begin slowly and progress to the next level as you feel more comfortable.