Welcome to a series of articles about Happiness. Please realise that anything stated is my opinion. Your life circumstances have probably been different from mine, so you will have your own thoughts and opinions.

Sometimes we make dramatic plans to try to bring happiness into our lives. We can count on simple pleasures for continuous joy. When we enjoy simple things, our gratitude will extend to other areas too.

Here are some of the simple pleasures that are worth making an effort to experience often:

Freshly Cut Grass

Freshly cut grass is enjoyable in every way. The smell, and feel of it under your bare feet are fresh, and invigorate the senses. Try to experience this a few times each year, as the weather allows.

 Giving and Receiving Smiles

What a better way to experience a simple pleasure for free? Give smiles to your friends, but also to random strangers. It feels amazing.

The Endorphin rush after a work out

When you work out strenuously, your reward is an endorphin rush. These natural, feel-good chemicals brighten your day. Work out in the morning, so this endorphin rush will help you through the rest of your day.

Enjoy your favorite food

The feeling of your much-loved food, even if it isn’t especially healthy, brings a boost of pleasure. If you refrain from a particular food for a certain time, it will be even more enjoyable the next time you try it. Use this trick to make your favorite meal taste even better.

 Hot cup of Tea or Coffee

Some of us survive on our daily coffee or tea. Even when it is a daily habit, it brings much joy. As you sip on your beverage, take some quiet time to enjoy it.

Making snow Angels

This is not just for kids. Put on some warm clothes and fall into the snow. Feeling silly about this does not ruin the experience. Embrace the feeling of innocent fun that making snow angels brings.

Laughing until it Hurts

Laughter is like medicine. Laugh until it hurts at least daily. Take time to laugh away your stress.

Getting a Massage

If you have never had a massage, try it. This hour of total relaxation makes your troubles melt away.

Walking in the Rain

Walking in the rain is one of life’s amazing simple pleasures. Dress warm. Let the rain splash over your face as you stroll along. Be sure to jump in at least one puddle for old time’s sake.

Expensive fun is great, but can be hard to come by. Don’t wait for your next vacation. Indulge in these simple pleasures. Learn to appreciate the little things right next to you, and you will find great fulfillment every day.

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