Welcome to this series of articles about Diabetes. Diabetes is a chronic disease that has reached epidemic proportions. However, it’s effects can be managed.

Some of your physical characteristics were inherited. If you are exceptionally taller or shorter than average, there’s a good chance this was dictated by your genes. People in your family tree were also taller or shorter than most, and this had a bearing on your height. The color of your eyes and hair can be influenced by your genetics.

Unfortunately, some unwelcome physical and mental conditions can also be inherited.

For instance, if both of your parents were diabetic, your risk of developing diabetes rises significantly above average. However, even after diabetes is diagnosed, it can be reversed. The same is true with prediabetes, which is a warning signal that you could possibly develop diabetes if you don’t make some changes in your life.

This is why type 2 diabetes is often referred to as a lifestyle disease. The lifestyle choices you make significantly contribute to whether or not you will receive a type 2 diabetes diagnosis.

You could call type 2 diabetes a “life partner” disease. If you are diagnosed as diabetic and do not make certain changes to the way you live your life, you could be diabetic up until the day you die. Diabetes is treatable, but this physical state is not anything that you would choose to live with.

In almost every case, a diagnosis of prediabetes happens before type 2 diabetes occurs. This is because your blood sugar levels don’t rise dramatically in most cases to the point that you go from sustained healthy levels to diabetic levels. Regular testing can reveal a slow and gradual increase in blood sugar, and this allows you act quickly to keep prediabetes and diabetes out of your future.

This is done very simply, with a protocol proven to return blood sugar levels to a healthy range.

Choosing a Better Lifestyle

Diabetes is a chronic disease. Nerve damage, kidney failure and vision problems that include blindness can all develop from diabetes. Those are probably not things to look forward to. Since health experts agree that this is a lifestyle disease, you should simply choose a different lifestyle.

What does a non-diabetic existence look like?

It includes regular physical activity to naturally expend energy. Don’t worry, you don’t have to run the Boston Marathon, swim, bike and run a triathlon, become an Olympic bodybuilder and purchase an expensive gym membership. All you have to do is get up and moving more than you are sitting and inactive.

.That’s really it as far as physical activity is concerned. Work 2.5 hours (150 minutes) of physical activity into your week. Research shows that undertaking 15 separate 10 minute sessions of moderate to intense aerobic activity provides the same rewards as 5 physically active sessions that are 30 minutes each. Just figure some way to raise your heart rate through aerobic activity 2.5 hours each week.

Nutrition plays a Big Part

Did you know that approximately 60% to 70% of your level of health and well-being is directly related to the foods and liquids you put into your body? As recently as the 1990s it was believed that you inherited the greatest part of your physical fitness. We know now that nutrition has a greater influence on your overall mental and physical wellness than genetics.

In other words, you can choose how well you want to be.

Diabetes specialists will tell you regular physical activity and smart nutrition is an almost unbeatable combo for not only preventing diabetes, but also for reversing diabetes too. The choice is yours. You can choose a diabetic lifestyle where you sit around a lot, don’t get much physical activity, eat a lot of processed foods and develop chronic health problems.

Alternately, you can choose to keep prediabetes and diabetes out of your life, or reverse those conditions if they have already developed. The lifestyle choice is yours, and the key to good health is well-known. This is great news, because it means you have control over your health and well-being, and making simple changes in your life can lead to the healthiest, happiest you.

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