Welcome to this series about Weight Management. Enjoy the principles and I hope you learn something new. Enjoy the positive benefits of Weight Management.

 If, over the years, you have added a few extra pounds and are now faced with the task of shedding that weight, take a step back.  Ask yourself, “How did this happen?”

Invariably, the answer can be traced to two factors: 

  • You ate more food than you should have
  • You were not active enough


If these two factors led to the weight gain, then making the necessary changes can help yield the results you desire.

Although doing exercise for weight loss will be covered, what you eat is equally important in the weight-loss picture.  If you are not sure what foods you should be eating, consider seeking the help of a registered dietician.

When you think of exercise for weight loss, you tend to think of grueling workouts, complete with pools of sweat.  Fortunately, exercise can be implemented throughout your day.  For example, although a typical gym workout lasts from thirty minutes to an hour, there are still twenty-three other hours in your day.

That is why all activity is beneficial to help you lose weight.  Exercise can be any physical activity that helps you burn additional calories over and above what your body naturally uses.  Therefore, be sure to take advantage of getting active whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Examples of activities that allow you to include exercise in your day include:

  • Mowing the lawn
  • Playing with your kids
  • Parking the car farther away and walking a longer distance
  • Taking the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Going for a walk or bicycle ride to the store instead of driving there

If you incorporate these on an everyday basis, your endurance will increase without feeling like you are exercising!

But what if you want to see results sooner?

 Including a gym routine is highly recommended if you want to lose weight more quickly.

Whether you choose to join a gym or have equipment at home, having a variety of exercises is important.  Experts agree that a balanced workout includes both aerobic and anaerobic exercises.  Just always remember to consult your physician before beginning any workout regimen.

 What are aerobic exercises? 

  • These types of exercises promote endurance and increased lung capacity.
  • Examples of aerobic exercises include:
    • Jogging
    • Biking
    • Cross-training

What are the benefits of doing aerobic exercises? 

Other than an increase in stamina, the main benefit is the high number of calories that can be burned in a short period of time.

What are anaerobic exercises? 

  • Unlike aerobic exercises, endurance is not the focus. Instead, the focus of anaerobic exercises is muscle building.
  • Examples of anaerobic exercises are:
    • Weightlifting and Resistance Training

What are the benefits of anaerobic exercises?

If you can increase your overall muscle mass, it will give you the ability to burn more calories.  It’s like having a six-cylinder engine versus a four-cylinder engine – the six-cylinder engine burns more fuel in the same amount of time.

In conclusion, exercise for weight loss does not necessarily have to mean grueling workouts.  Of course, this can make your weight-loss program occur more quickly, however it is not the only method that can help shed some pounds.  Instead, it is important to create a lifestyle that incorporates physical activity in every facet of your day.  This is what will give you the best chance at success in achieving your desired weight.

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