Welcome to this series Tikitiki journeys around the East Cape. This is a work of fiction focused on a clever, resourceful cat. Enjoy his adventures and intrepid travels around a beautiful part of New Zealand.

Hullo. The intrepid journeys of Tick and Nick, the computer tutor, continue. Today we take in wonderful Tokomaru Bay, and make friends with Toko, the bottlenose dolphin.

Awesome Cat

We travelled back up the road to Te Puia Springs. I enjoyed the views of Waipiro Bay. The next stage of our journey was 10 to 12 km downhill from Te Puia Springs, where we were greeted by the extremely attractive sight of Tokomaru Bay.

Tokomaru Bay Township.

At the bottom of the road, there was a junction. Nick turned right and headed for the South Beach. A lovely beach – and I think Nick was going to go swimming. However, where are his togs?

We arrived. Here we are – but something amazing happened.

Tokomaru Bay South beach. Something amazing happened at the Eastern end.

We were greeted by a jumping dolphin.

What a beautiful sight! A sight I am told is not often seen in Tokomaru Bay. However, I am special. It was done especially for me.

Our new friend Toko, the bottlenose dolphin.

The dolphin came closer. I was able to talk with him (we found out that we are both male) and he told me that he had watched us at Waipiro Bay. He said his name was Toko, and he was a bottlenose dolphin.

The next act was a bit of a surprise. Nick stripped off his clothes and headed into the water. He’s not a very pretty sight (certainly not compared to Toko).

Nick goes swimming without any togs!

Pretty sight or not – that old computer tutor sure could swim. He swam out to Toko, and the two of them frolicked together in the sea and had a lot of fun.

They seemed to know each other, but I found out that they did not. It was just a case of two nice guys making friends.

Toko told us that baleen whales and orcas are more prevalent than dolphins in Tokomaru Bay. However, he would like to see us both again. Toko told us he had his home down south in Anaru Bay, but he often visited Waipiro Bay and Tokomaru Bay.

Time to say goodbye, but Nick had no towel to dry himself with. It was a nice sunny day, so Nick dried himself in the sun. I think the old fellow enjoyed his swim and his spot in the sun.

Time to move on to other parts of Tokomaru Bay.

All the best



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