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Do you ever find yourself stuck in the same place in your life for too long? Do you ever wonder why you can’t get the breakthrough you need to get back on track?

We all have goals and dreams. We all want to be successful at something. We look to our future and think about where we want to be.

Sometimes when we start out on our journey to reach our dreams, we have all the motivation in the world and we are excited about what we’re trying to accomplish.

Without the proper preparation and a proper plan, it can be like hiking up a mountain in a suit with dress shoes on and no water.

Inevitably, life happens and for whatever reason we get distracted, and without the proper plan in place, we can lose sight of our goals.

The simple fact is as that we must make a plan that will give us the structure we need to get off to a good start.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” There is a simple plan that is proven to be effective and if executed properly, it will help you to set and achieve your most desirable goals.

It’s called the S.P.R.E.A.D method.

This method will help you identify the goals that you would like to achieve.

Spot involves noticing, detecting or recognizing your desires or goals in life. Sometimes we have no clue of what we want to do with our lives. Even after school is complete, after we get a job.

We may still ask questions like “What am I passionate about? What should I be doing with my life?”

Thinking about what your purpose of life is, can get you on your way to setting viable goals for yourself.

Payoff refers to the benefit that will be gained by a person pays the price of purpose, passion, and process to achieve their goals.

It requires meticulous utilization of all resources and tools that are vital in the fulfilment of your purpose in life.

Purpose+ Passion+ Process = Payoff.

Resources are the tools and other assets that you use during the course of goal setting to achieve success.

They can be physical, mental and spiritual resources that were planned, organized and aimed toward the ideas that were spotted, as well as the payoffs that were identified.

Evaluation entails taking a critical appraisal of your goals and your progress on a regular basis, whether it’s weekly or monthly, depending on the type of goal you are pursuing.

This is essential in the effective setting and achievement of personal and professional goals, as this will reveal any weaknesses in your plan or may even confirm that you are on the right track.

Actions speak louder than words, therefore you must be proactive in taking actions that will assist you in reaching your desired goals.

Make sure you keep a positive mental attitude to accompany all the equipment, tools, and resources that you have accumulated to successfully reach your goal. Having a positive mental attitude should be a part of your everyday life as you journey through the entire process.

Deadlines are necessary as you set goals and figure out what your benchmarks will be. This process may take some time depending upon what your goals are, but if you utilize this process in pursuit of your goals, you will find it much more manageable to reach your goals and dreams.

Poor time management and procrastination often lead to last-minute rush on work which often results in failing to meet benchmarks. As a serious goal seeker, you must make breaking your deadlines a cardinal evil in your books of record.

Therefore, setting deadlines should be done early in the goal setting process. Once you’ve completed this step, the rest is just logistics.

There are several websites, forums, etc., on this subject that can provide further support, information, motivation, and other ideas that can help you on your journey to attaining your goals.

Like a baby eagle that is born with powerful wings – if you are unable to access your inner strength you will never know how high you can soar.

This process will help you access your inner strength, and you will discover that you have everything you need within you to reach the goals that you set to out to accomplish.

Then you will be able to S.P.R.E.A.D your wings and fly to the top of the mountain of success

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