Welcome to this series on Success. I hope you find the readings thought provoking and inspiring. Please enjoy.

From my experience, there are simple 2 ways to succeed.

The Long Way:

Follow what the majority are doing, climb the ladder, and wait until someone gives you permission to do or be who you want to be.



The Fast Way:

Just say ‘screw that’, ignore the ladders or ‘requirements’ others have imposed on you, love yourself enough to give yourself permission to be, do, or experience whatever you want to now and just go for it. Take the risks and go with imperfection.

Think about it.

We are all busy, yet a lot of people wait for the perfect timing and then they wake up one day and their entire life has passed them by.

You learn from doing not by sitting down and analyzing.

I truly believe that the biggest failure in life is when your message, your story, your gift, your light dies within you… unexpressed… but if you’ve lived a life where you’ve shared your message, your gifts to the world, your light and love to the world then you’ve lived your life to the fullest.

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