Welcome to this series on Success. I hope you find the readings thought provoking and inspiring. Please enjoy.

Have you ever had a decision to make and deliberated over what to do? Have you gone over and over the possible options, changing you mind numerous times? Have you made a decision and known a little later on that it wasn’t the right decision? Have you made decisions based on fear or on what you think you should do?

I have. I have spent so much time and energy deliberating over what to do. I’ve decided one option was right, expressed how that was the direction I was going in and then moments later started to doubt myself and changed my mind 180 degrees. I’ve wasted money, time and energy on this cycle. I’ve created unnecessary heartache, stress and frustration.

Until now! I have learned some techniques that have changed my world. And you can use them too next time you are faced with a big decision. Here is my successful decision formula.

I now sit quietly in my meditation space and ask:

·        What should I do?

·        What would be the best decision for me (and my spouse)?

Sometimes I get a feeling, sometimes it’s a very definite sign like a newspaper article or a comment from a stranger.

Sometimes it doesn’t feel like I receive any guidance. But you always receive an answer and you always know what to do. It’s just that often, we don’t listen, and we keep trying to control things.

Ask yourself, will this decision make me feel peaceful? If not, why not? You should feel peaceful.

I asked for help last year on a decision that I had been deliberating over. I had already received the answer, but I carried on tormenting myself and deliberating. After my yoga session in my back garden a few days later, I received another clear thought that told me what to do. And yes, it was the same answer as previously.

It was a thought and a feeling. Guess what, I ignored both answers and went off on the other route. It caused unnecessary stress. It was great experience in the end because I learned how to make successful decisions and I learned how to listen to my inner guide and intuition. But to save you the heartache and stress, I wanted to share this formula.

Try it next time you are faced with a decision, small or large. Ask yourself, if having this or doing that would add to my peace or take away from it? Become quiet and ask for guidance. Then you will know exactly what to do.

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