Welcome to this series on Success. I hope you find the readings thought provoking and inspiring. Please enjoy.

Here are five steps for you to follow:

  1. Focus on your choice of language.

This works whether you’re trying to boost someone else’s growth mindset or your own. When you praise yourself or another person for strength or characteristics, make sure you use words that emphasize a growth mindset. Instead of thinking or saying, “you’re so smart” or “you’re so flexible,” instead, praise for strategy or effort.

Telling yourself that you are intelligent fosters the fixed mindset. Telling yourself that you have put in a lot of effort and used strategy to your advantage fosters resilience. It reminds you that you have a key role in achieving a successful solution to your problems.

 Surround yourself with positivity.

Thoughts become reality. Although you can’t choose every one you interact with every day, you can intentionally spend time with certain people.

When you create an environment of positive thinking, a growth mindset becomes the norm. You start to see view everything around you as supporting you instead of thwarting your efforts.

  1. Adopt flexible patterns of thinking.

If you become less rigid in your actions and thoughts, grit and resilience can blossom.

Flexible people never see problems. Instead, they see only opportunities for learning and growth. If you meet every challenge with more creative thought patterns, you begin to realize that you’re capable. This confidence will only serve to breed more resilience.

  1. Set goals to align with your own purposes.

People who have a sense of their own purpose are naturally happier. It can be hard to define the purpose, though.

If you create small goals on the path to a larger purpose, you’re able to increase your successes and the speed at which you can accomplish those goals.

Align your Goals

  1. Build time into every day for reflection.

If you take time to think about things and reflect, you can bring greater awareness to everything you’ve accomplished. It also allows you to see more clearly the path you need to take.

Perhaps that reflection can take the shape of journaling, meditation, or just a walk outdoors in the sunshine. However, you give yourself space and time to think about your accomplishments and assess them non-judgmentally.

This allows you to weigh up the pros and cons of your actions and adjust your behaviour accordingly.

Like all valuable skills, grit and resilience need to be practiced.

This work will be worth the effort since fostering mindset-expanding traits positively impacts all elements of your life.

Reflection Time

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