Welcome to this series on Success. I hope you find the readings thought provoking and inspiring. Please enjoy.

Lack of motivation from time to time happens to everyone. The only long-term fix is to find these motivation killers in your life and eradicate them. I have listed a few causes below that I believe lead to a lack of motivation.

If you can recognize it and make adjustments accordingly. You will be surprised that you have boosted your motivation and productivity and get you back on the path to accomplishing your goals.

Avoid People who put you down.

People who always put you down — avoid them. They are merely insecure and most likely afraid of other’s success. Eliminate negative people from your life and create a healthy environment that can help to motivate you better.

Avoid Negative News

Nowadays, we have access to all types of news online, and if you realize that most of the time, the information you read is full of sadness. Natural disasters or random innocent victims get killed or corrupt politicians making headlines. All this information can cause you to lose confidence and motivation. It seems like a hopeless future is awaiting you if you are too overwhelmed by it.

Let your past be the past.

Things that have already happened or done in the past, let it pass. There is no point keep holding them to yourself or worrying about it. Whatever has happened has happened, and you can’t change it. Living in the past and being upset about things you did or didn’t do could quickly kill your motivation. Live in the moment is crucial.

Do not worry about tomorrow.

The future is another motivation killer. Often, we tend to overthink things and over-analyse everything, which leads our expectations to get out of hand. No one can predict the future. The best thing that you can do is embrace the uncertainty and continue to do your best.

The Chase

Often, we go awry when we have our eyes on the prize, so much so that we are blinded to everything else in our lives. Be it love, money, or status, you need to realize that there is a fine line between having a goal and having an obsession. You have to enjoy the process and have some fun on your path to achieving your goals.

These are five things that can quickly kill your motivation. Avoiding these motivation killers will keep you firmly on the road to success.

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