Welcome to this series on Self-Healing. I hope you find the readings thought-provoking and inspiring. Please enjoy.

Life is sometimes like a roller coaster ride. There are ups and downs, joy and sorrows. The next time you experience life’s harsh side, such as a job loss, separation or divorce, prolonged illness, or the death of a loved one. Please take time to heal your hurt.

Here are some suggestions that I hope will help:

  • Take the time to heal the hurt. The struggle is real. Avoid the temptation to ignore or escape from it. By taking time to accept the pain is the way to recover from it. Covering it up may only resurface later in a potentially more serious way.
  • Take time to slow down or grieve. Cry when you need to. You have every reason to weep when you are hurt. It is a cleansing process.
  • Take the time to be vulnerable. A crisis may have occurred in your life. If you broke an arm, you would not expert to function at full capacity immediately. If your heart is broken and your spirit is hurting, there will be confusion, overwhelm, and a feeling of despair. These are a normal part of adjusting to life’s blows.

After you have gone through the above suggestions, move on to the next level –healing.

  • Take time to identify resources. Seek out people who can help and guide you. A coach, mentor, counsellor ,or compassionate friend.
  • Take the time to care for your health. During a stressful time be sure to look after your well-being. Eat healthy food, exercise, pray and sleep well.
  • Take time to be patient. God has given us the capacity to heal, at times, it may take longer than you expect. Be patient. The flow of life will return  to normal pace.

Remember, it is perfectly okay to cry when you need to. However, never forget that YOU are special and beautiful within you. God loves you! You are worthy and wonderfully made!

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