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I listened to a song on the radio. It was recorded by Karen Young from Yorkshire in 1969 and was called “Nobody’s Child”.

I listened to the first verse. Here it is:

As I was slowly passing
An orphans’ home one day
And stopped for just a moment
To watch the children play
Alone a boy was standing
And when I asked him why
He turned with eyes that could not see
And he began to cry

I even used to sing this song myself in the early 1970s. “How sad”, I thought. “People are prejudiced and unfair”.

Blind Boy

I was, perhaps, fortunate that I never had to choose a child from an orphan’s home. However, what about other things such as choosing who my friends would be? Did I show prejudice? Did I reject ugly or impaired people?

I am sure I did. The chorus of the song is not only for the little blind boy. It is for all those people we have rejected:

I’m nobody’s child
I’m nobody’s child
Just like the flowers
I’m growing wild
No mummy’s kisses
And no daddy’s smile
Nobody wants me
I’m nobody’s child

How about our own lives? I am especially focusing on older people. Are they passed by, and left alone? Reflect on the next verse:

People come for children
And take them for their own
But they all seem to pass me by
And I am left alone
I know they’d like to take me
But when they see I’m blind
They always take some other child

And I am left behind.
I have certainly been guilty of rejecting ugly and impaired people. Who do I think I am? Fortunately, those considered ugly and impaired during their Earthly pilgrimage do have the opportunity, later, to “Walk the streets of heaven, where all the blind can see”

Streets of Heaven

No mommy’s arms to hold me
Or soothe me when I cry
Sometimes it gets so lonely
I wish that I could die
I’ll walk the streets of heaven
Where all the blind can see
And just like all the other kids
There’d be a home for me

A ‘half century has passed since this song was recorded. Now I am a septuagenarian, and feel that “Nobody wants me; I am Nobody’s child”

Please feel free to listen to the song:


Please reflect on what I have said.

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